Wandering Artist

Hello friends,

As I continue through my creative journey, I am increasingly surprised by the difficulty of defining my style. 

Sometimes I wonder, should I pin it down and stick to one distinctive design style? I do admire those that manage to achieve this, purely because the artist becomes so recognisable by their art. 

Unfortunately, there is probably zero chance of this for me, as I love to play with art and learn new techniques and skills. I also worry about limiting my creativity, which peaks when I design just what I’m in the mood for.

There are times I feel like creating an illustrative scene, other days I want to work with photography, still others are spent making a pattern, creating graphics and designing Monograms like the one shown here:

You see what I mean now don’t you? I’m a wandering artist, my inspiration takes me everywhere!


The uploading process to my art store is so tiresome, I got bored (Managed A-G only so far) and moved onto different creations. Yet another example of my nomad habits! 


Anyway, I digress. For the last week or so, I have felt inspired to create a little abstract art. I have dabbled with this style of art a few times over the years, and it has always been full of surprises and lots of fun to create!

Does this type of art fit with my portfolio? Probably not – but for now at least – I have decided to stop worrying about it, and simply go with the flow. Creating art should be enjoyable after all! I will just keep it simple, and have different categories of art in my online stores.  

Precious, and semi-precious stones were my inspiration for this small series of four abstract works.

I have named them Crystal Bomb, and uploaded them to my Redbubble store. You can find them here if you’re interested in these designs.

I think they look pretty cool on home décor and fashion products. I have used various photographs, textures and digital processes to achieve the resulting art – I do hope you like them and my wandering art. 🙂




Thank you for visiting today…

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©  Copyright Protected – Published 2019 by Amanda Lakey.

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