My Graphic Summer

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Whatever the weather, rain or shine I design!

We always complain about the weather don’t we – hot or cold! Summer 2017 was rain, rain rain. This summer of 2018, England has experienced an unprecedented heatwave! I must have an amazing tan right? No, truth be told mostly I was stuck in the office wilting, and complaining about the heat just like everybody else. Once home it was still too hot to sit out, and besides my head is always so crammed with art ideas, I have to get to my computer!

In all truth though, it has been very special to have a summer like this. To sit outside in the garden at dusk, listening to summer tracks, admiring nature, the birds and beautiful sunsets.

I always create as I feel inspired to do, and this summer quarter I have found myself mostly creating fun graphic designs and patterns, and concentrating on my Redbubble store.

Shame on me! with all the summer antics, I have very much neglected all my social media channels including updating my website! So, it’s high time to write a post and show you what I have been up to!

Here’s a very small sample of my summer art. I have not yet uploaded all of the designs shown, but will get around to it.

As the days cool and the nights begin to draw in, my inspiration now turns to Autumn/ Winter inspiration. As always, there is much to do. However, my main project at the moment is the opening of a brand new online store, I’m very busy with that right now, and I look forward to sharing it with you when I’m all set.

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Amanda Lakey Photologo

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Presenting Pattern Design

Hi there,

Surface pattern design is everywhere we look and most people spend much time and money investing in patterns – they are the bones of our home decor, from the wallpaper we choose to the decorative elements we add – curtains, cushions, sofa, bedding etc. We spend a lot of time elaborating on our choices, and picking our colour and theme. We don’t always trust our instincts and we consult others – which do you like best…?

Once the hard decision making is done, we move onto the really fun part, we set about decorating our homes, co-ordinating our decorative elements and artwork using complementary items that really fit in and look great!

On the other hand, without thinking too much about it, we so easily choose our clothing, bags and stationary according to a pattern that simply speaks to us and looks cool or pretty.

Sound familiar? It’s official – we love our patterns!

Exactly why, during the past few months I have become quite addicted to designing patterns. I have around fifteen designs so far, and it has almost become a Saturday ritual for me! Pattern design allows me to offer unique art, on the trendy home decor and fashion products sold by my stores on Redbubble and Society6.

Presenting a few examples of my original and unique patterns below – all of these designs are currently available to purchase on a wide range of home decor, fashion products and more.




My patterns are available on a wide range of products at Redbubble and Society6 . You can find out more about purchasing unique art by visiting my page Shop Art.

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Amanda Lakey Photologo

©  Copyright Protected – Published 2018 by Amanda Lakey.

The Poetry In Art


Today I am sharing my latest art ‘Wise Owl’ – a fantasy composite featured on my Portfolio. I explore how to come up with a title, Haiku poetry and a few facts I learned about the Short-Eared Owl.

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Ultra Violet

Video by Mashable

Pantone has announced the colour of 2018, my favourite shade of purple – named PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet. This is a wild move from the fresh Greenery that dominated design during 2017. Going by last years success, we can expect to see lots of this gorgeous deep purple shade everywhere during 2018.

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