Wise Owl


Short Eared Owl in long grassland. 





I have written an article about Wise Owl, poetry and art. You can view that post here.

Artwork is available to purchase on a wide range of products, and is sold around the world. See Shop Art to find your favourite store.

Purchased art are presented as a large size, high resolution image and do not contain watermarks.

Thank you for visiting today…

Amanda Lakey Photologo

©  Copyright Protected – Published 2018 by Amanda Lakey.

7 thoughts on “Wise Owl

      1. It’s funny cause I just had an idea over the weekend that I want to make a deck of fairy/animal/sparkly oracle cards and I was thinking about the artwork for each card and who would I have do it…hmmm!!! ;–)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Now there’s a project, what an inspiring idea! I am interested to explore this if you decide to go ahead, you can email me via the ‘contact me’ link. 🙂


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